Teaching music has brought me discovery and joy since I began in 1993.

The Beginnings

After receiving a diploma of music from Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton (1977-79), I studied classical violin and Alexander Technique with Paul Collins in England, learning the foundations of music teaching. In 1995 I began to develop a unique teaching method for violin, combining the Colour Strings Method and early Suzuki repertoire leading to a programme of international folk fiddling styles. I taught for two years on Saltspring Island, and formed the Saltspring Island Fiddle Orchestra with my students.

Conservatory Collaborations

In 1997 I was invited by the Victoria Conservatory of Music executive director, Denis Donnelly to teach folk fiddling. There, I founded The Conservatory Fiddles, an all ages fiddle orchestra. This high spirited ensemble had over sixty members aged six to eighty-six. We played for Urban Barn Dances, Old Folks Homes and Community Celebrations from 1998-2006.

Teaching projects with First Nations

In 2004, I was invited to teach fiddle in First Nations communities of the Northwest Territories. The program I helped develop with the Kole Crook Fiddle Association has spread to 14 northern communities and brought the joy of music to hundreds of fiddlers in the North West Territories.

In 2011, I received an invitation to teach in the remote Tsilhqot’in - Cariboo region of B.C. There, I collaborated with mental health clinician Deb Trampleasure to create a suicide preventive fiddle program, incorporating Dr. Martin Brokenleg’s Circle Of Courage philosophy.

I love teaching fiddle in First Nations communities.

If you would like to start your musical journey, build on your skills, or if you’d like me to teach in your community, please get in touch to discuss the details!